Advocating school choice and providing
Christian education scholarships.

You can make a difference in the lives of children by giving them a chance at academic excellence and moral training. Your contributions help Faith First to further its mission in providing the best educational choices to parents. Your contributions also assist the local church schools in expanding their facilities to accommodate new students.

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Parent Corner
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How to Apply: Attend a Parent Engagement Meeting
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Celebrate National School Choice Week with Faith First on January 26, 2016
Get news about the 2016-2017 school year application process
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Faith First: Our Purpose

1. Provide scholarship assistance
2. Educate parents on public policy regarding their child’s education
3. Assist local Christian schools with educational expansion.


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Faith Story

"Dr Wilson has been a blessing to our family. Her strong faith has encouraged us through some very tough financial situations. She encouraged us to apply for scholarships for our four children still attending a Christian school, even when, as she said, they had 'NO MONEY'." — Warren Chandler


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